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IMGP4406 Silent Lake2009 06 30IMGP4407 Silent Lake with bench2009 06 30IMGP4420 Silent Lake2009 06 30IMGP4421 Rocks by Silent Lake2009 06 30IMGP4433 Silent Lake storm coming2009 06 30IMGP4438 Bench overlooking Silent Lake2009 06 30IMGP4446 Rock trees and lake2009 06 30IMGP4447 Silent lake shoreline2009 06 30IMGP4449 Silent Lake with rainbow2009 06 30IMGP4450 Silent Lake with rainbow2009 06 30IMGP4451  Bay on Silent lake2009 06 30IMGP4452 Silent Lake with shore2009 06 30IMGP4458 Mist on Silent Lake2009 06 30IMGP44592009 06 30IMGP44602009 06 30IMGP4466 Last ligh at Silent Lake2009 06 30IMGP4408  Round of Granite with litchens2009 06 30IMGP4412 Litchens on granite2009 06 30IMGP4417 Cascade of fungus on stump in green leafed bush2009 06 30IMGP4419 Moss red flowers litchen and purple plant on forest floor2009 06 30